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Quality driven by policy

The company aims to maintain and improve the standards of quality and service upon which our long term growth and reputation is founded. Our quality philosophy deems that all employees are responsible for quality at every level. Quality is enforced as a discipline within the company.

In order to fulfil this requirement, Green Wells Energies’ senior management has established a regular review of quality objectives to ensure that all work undertaken is carried out in a manner maintaining the highest quality of service to customers. Customer contact and satisfaction is paramount to the success of the company at all stages of the contractual process.

The company has put into effect a proven and tested quality system. This system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The documented manuals define the processes and operational working procedures. It is the company’s policy to carry out continual improvement of the quality management system. The company provides a framework to review and improvement of quality objectives. Green Wells Energies recognizes that the primary concern of the company must be the quality of its products and services.

Green Wells Energies shall ensure that the management, technical, administrative and operational personnel are fully conversant with the company’s objectives through on-going training and education at all levels within the company. The company understands the needs and expectations of interested parties, which will include: clients, staff, suppliers, local authorities, local population and anyone else who may be affected by the company’s operations. Furthermore, in the execution of its duties the company factors in the identification of risk, and appropriate mitigation measures.

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