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Get high-quality car cleaning services

Your vehicle is exposed to a lot of moisture, dust, food debris, sweat and odour every day, all of which degrade the material.

You no longer have to toss out your favorite car seats because of dirt, dust mites and bacteria. However, with our QUICK and EFFECTIVE vehicle cleaning services, your vehicle will be refreshed and ready for use in less than 2 hours.

You can enjoy the pleasure of sitting in a fresh, clean, vibrant-looking vehicle by choosing our car-wash services. We offer car wash services for different vehicles including Buses, Mini Vans, Lorries, Cars etc. We have a specialized team and equipment that will ensure quality services.

  • A hearty welcome
  • There are no appointments required.
  • Displayed prices
  • A reasonable price range
  • A proper car wash station
  • This is a professional service.


With the network of our service stations open, you can always count on our prompt service from our well trained customer attendants when you stop by.


As our society becomes increasingly 24-hour world, people need and expect to be able to buy petrol or diesel at any time. We are always open for you.


We can provide prompt, 24/7 delivery to ensure you have the products you need — from bulk fuel to engine oils and diesel exhaust fluid — when you need them.